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Alois Nashali shocking revelation about Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba

Updated: May 1, 2020

After being hired by concert promoters who presented the Canadian people with a concert from two of the most famous artists in Africa, Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba, Alois Nashali evaluates and lays down the differences between the two artists. Being a Tanzanian, Alois Nashali has lived for a long time in his life in the same country as these two artists. He had listened to their music even before other people came to know that it existed. He is thus in a much better position to evaluate and explain the differences between them.

Alois explains that Alikiba was among the first artists to shape Tanzanian music into the modern bongo sound that the country is currently sharing with the world. His early songs like Mac Muga were hit music releases which gave an identity to Tanzanian music. The artists currently have successfully managed to record more than 50 songs with most of these songs being considered hit songs which were awarded airplay for a long time by many music-playing stations in Tanzania and other neighboring countries like Kenya where people clearly understand Kiswahili language.

Diamond Platnumz is the other major artist who has attained significant achievements in his music careers. Many people argue that almost every song that goes by this artist is considered a hit song. Artists in Africa have thus been making significant effort to be featured in a song that has Diamond Platnumz in it since they are certain that the song will be a hit. Compared to Alikiba, diamond has attained far more popularity in Africa. His music has brought a lot of exposure and focus of the world to African music. He has successfully managed to make music with other artists like Neyo and Rick Ross among others in the western countries.

Having attended their concerts here in Canada, Alois argues that both artists have a clear talent and that they managed to entertain the Canadian people in a way that was much more than what was expected. Their concerts here in Canada were thus considered to be a success.

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