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Cinematographer Alois Nashali Opens up about his plans to go back to Africa.

Alois Nashali, the Six Voice One Story Film Maker Express his desire to work with different fellow East African digital content creators.

Alois Nashali has openly expressed his Tanzanian heritage and that despite the success he might attain, he feels obliged to make some positive contributions towards East Africa or Africa in general. He thus expressed his desire to work is a different artist from East Africa,

like all other continents and countries, African countries have a lot of potential and talent.

"The main challenge that Africans face is lack of resources and on some occasions skills or knowledge to implement their talents and use them in the most effective ways".

He, however, noted that recently, industries like acting and music are rapidly growing, thus presenting a lot of talented individuals with opportunities to reveal their talents to the world. He thus expressed that his desire to work with an East African artist is solely so that he can use his skills to help elevate African talents and help African people to manage showing the world their talents effectively.

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