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Throw Back To When Filmmaker Alois Nashali Took Home Short Film Award in Canada

Updated: May 1, 2020

in recent years, a large number of young individuals have decided to join the film industry, either as cinematographers or actors. Being one of the rapidly developing areas in career formation, the film industry has become extremely competitive.

Born on 18th August 1997, Alois Nashali is a highly skilled cinematographer, a recent graduate from the Algonquin College School of Media and Design. He began his cinematography back in Kenya, He then moved to Canada, where he has been progressing with his cinematography skills and knowledge.

"a rapidly increasing number of interested individuals has made the field extremely competitive, and thus any individual being recognized and awarded an award is an essential achievement".

in the year 2018, After working on some short film movies, Alois was nominated for three films whose titles were; An Artist from Iran, Enough, and Six Voices. Among these three nominated films, he won an award with his Six Voices film. Winning this award was an essential achievement to him and to all other individuals who have the will to start their careers in this field since it communicates that any individuals who put sufficient effort are likely to excel in Cinematography.

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